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MORINGA OIL, A miracle in a bottle that will change your life.

moringa leaf on table

If you have never heard of Moringa oil, well you are about to. The ingredient, derived originally from a tree indigenous to India, is popping up in every corner of the natural beauty industry with companies putting it in creams, serums, shampoos, conditioners, and even makeup.

We are so excited about this new product arrival, let’s find out why …

 Nourishing and softening for the skin.

 Moringa oil is made up of oleic acid (Omega-9), a monounsaturated fatty acid found naturally in our skin. The latter makes it possible to strengthen its hydrolipidic film while improving its flexibility. It also contains vitamin E with antioxidant properties. This oil is perfect for caring for dry, damaged, and dehydrated skin. Moringa oil alone is a real repairing and healing care. It’s bacterial and anti-fungal properties proves to be very effective against various irritations and skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Your perfect skin for the summer is right here…


Revitalizing hair care 


No more split hair, damaged tips, and other unruly lengths. Moringa oil sheaths and nourishes the hair fiber. It strengthens hair from roots to ends white restoring shine and softness thanks to its behenic acid content, a saturated fatty acid. A small amount is enough for you to beautifully repairs your hair in depth and restore their flexibility and give to your hair the love that it needs.  

How to resist it? 

Moringa oil will increase you are the quality of your hair. Either you have frizzy, kinky, or curly hair, Moringa oil is a good final touch for your hair type routine. The ideal is to use it in a hair oil bath. It can also be applied to dry tips, or after shampooing.

Hurry to make your orders ….